Last Stop For the GF Express

Last Stop For the GF Express

Last Stop For the GF Express 1227 920 James Turner

The last month has been pretty hectic for us here at Horizons West and it’s one we’re certainly not going to be forgetting anytime soon! October saw us taking a bus full of the state’s biggest West Coast Eagle supporters all the way across the Nullarbor for the opportunity to see their favourites try to take out the Grand Final. Now sadly, our beloved Eagles missed out on the big win but that doesn’t change the amazing time which was had by all on board the GF Express! Everyone on board clad in gold and blue, had an incredible experience sharing stories about their love of the game and the excitement about being able to at least be a first-hand spectator in iconic AFL history.

The AFL season may be over for this year, but the feeling of excitement and anticipation will stay with us for a very long time- definitely until next year where hopefully we can do it all over again with both WA teams making it all the way to the Grand Final this time.

In the meantime, while you’re dealing with the post Grand Final blues, why not take a look at our recent photo gallery filled with all the great memories we had from on board the GF Express!

Make sure to stay tuned for the return of the GF Express next year! If our WA teams call pull of an another excellent season, just like they did this year; maybe it could be you on board of the GF Express on the way to Melbourne to witness AFL history!

Check out our gallery below!