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Heavy Vehicle & Bus Repair Services Perth

We know in Perth that there are a lot of mechanics specialising in getting your wheels back on the road in no time. However, what we’ve realised over the many years of servicing our own buses is that we get clients all the time asking for heavy vehicle or bus specific services that the traditional mechanic struggles to offer.

That’s why our commercial size workspace sees buses from all over Perth coming in needing a variety of services sorted. We help a variety of schools and local businesses get their buses and heavy vehicles back in working order quick smart.

What To Expect From Our Heavy Vehicle & Bus Repair Services

Great Low Prices

With such a large number of buses of our own, we are always tuning up our own fleet. This means that when we buy new parts in, we do it in bulk so your parts are always at the lowest price in the market.


We know that getting a lift home when dropping off your vehicle for repair is very frustrating. That’s why we offer a pick up and drop off service so you won’t need to worry about heading to our workshop to drop off your vehicle.

Replacement Vehicles

If you are busy on the road each day, having your bus taking a break in the workshop is not the most ideal thing. Ask us about our replacement vehicle service so you can be back on the road while your bus is in our capable hands getting repaired. *Conditions apply.

Team Expertise

The team at Horizons West has been doing bus repairs for over 30 years and We are Perth’s longest established family owned & operated bus & coach company in the state! We definitely know a thing or two about how to make sure vehicles are both roadworthy and in their top condition. This means that when your bus or heavy vehicle visits our workspace, it’s in good hands!

Complimentary Wash

We pride ourselves in getting your bus or heavy vehicle back in your hands in tip-top condition, that’s why our team will also wash your vehicle free of charge.

Heavy Vehicle & Bus Repair Services

We specialise in the following heavy vehicle and bus repair services:

  • Body repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Safety inspections
  • Transmission repairs and replacements
  • Engine repairs and replacements
  • Bus servicing (oil filters, spark plugs, wheel alignment, brake inspections)
  • Brake and tyre replacement
  • Department of Transport inspections: including over the pits inspections
  • Air conditioning and cooling system replacements
  • Exhaust systems and mufflers
  • Radiators and cooling systems
  • Replacement batteries
  • Degreasing

If you on the look-out for a new bus or heavy vehicle servicemen that can offer quality service at great prices, the let’s chat! Get your quote below and one of our sales representatives will get in touch to discuss the best time for you to come into our workspace.

Authorised Service Repair License Number: MRB5844

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