Elevate Your Summer Break: 8 Best Day Trips In and Around Perth

lancelin island

Elevate Your Summer Break: 8 Best Day Trips In and Around Perth

Elevate Your Summer Break: 8 Best Day Trips In and Around Perth 640 480 James Turner

With our vaccination rates on the rise, we know borders will be opening most likely in February 2022 (we hope). Although that’s not too far away in the scheme of things most will have some time off over Christmas and NYE. Living in our constraints at the moment, a day trip is a perfect way to break up the break and with Perth offering so many options only a short drive from the metro area, we thoughts we’ll compile a list of the best. We’re talking about a day trip to Rotto to snap selfies with the famous quokka, taking a short drive down to Freo for the day or experiencing new distilleries in the Swan Valley. 

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is the perfect day trip and not is seriously the best time to visit for a few reasons. Firstly, the weather is heating up but secondary, with borders shut beaches are only reserved for Western Australian locals. You’ll be able to secure some spots on the far tip of the island almost all to yourself! You can easily catch the boat from either Hillarys or Fremantle, grab yourself a bike and follow our day trip itinerary to access some of the best beaches and coves in arguably the whole world.

rottnest island


Ok so this one is technically not too far from Perth, but it’s certainly worth a day trip with honestly so many eating options, second-hand vintage shops, boutiques and a few beaches threw in for good measure. Start your day at Ootong & Lincoln for some quality espresso before taking your time to explore South Fremantle’s many stores then hit the Freo markets and a dip in the ocean too! Heck, if you want to turn it into a weekend you could even score a night at the brand-spankin’ Warders Hotel. For a complete guide on 48 hours in Fremantle, use our guide to plan your trip.  

Swan Valley Wine Region

This one is our personal favourite and has something for the whole family! Just at the base of the Perth Hills – the Swan Valley wine region boasts rolling vineyards, top distilleries and artisan markets if you time your run right! We recommend starting in the late morning for tastings at Harris Organic Wines before a long lunch at Coward and Black and then an afternoon distillery tour at Old Youngs. Here you can taste some of the best gin in town and discover all the ways in which the perfect gin and tonic is made!

Penguin Island

Another gem just off the coast of Rockingham is Penguin Island – a little less known Rottnest Island equivalent. What Penguin Island offers that you can’t find anywhere else around Perth is an abundance of  Australian sea lions and the world’s smallest penguins. There are feedings at 10.30 am, 12.30 pm and 2.30 pm daily and is just a very short ferry across from the mainland. Once you’ve finished up here, you can always consider Rockingham for a lunch on the boardwalk.

Serpentine Falls

If you are looking for something that is light on the pocket and not too far from Perth, Serpentine Falls is for you. For this one, we recommend packing a little lunchbox as there are no restaurants close by. There are also paths for everyone, from 15 minutes from the car park with others taking you through a variety of ravines and taking 5 hours. Hot tip: during peak season the short walk gets pretty crowded so getting there before 11 am and potentially choosing a longer walk will mean you won’t be interrupted.


Only an hour and a half north of the Perth CBD, Lancelin is a quintessential beach town with a few unique activities on offer. The local sand dunes on the outskirts of town are a playground for the adventurous types. If you have a 4WD you can take your car up and down the rolling dunes or join in on a sandboarding lesson. While in town we recommend getting a pint at the local Endeavour tavern for uninterrupted views and visiting the coastline for some snorkelling.

sand dunes lancelin

Wellington Dam & Diamond Lake

Ok, this one is a little further out of town but CERTAINLY worth a visit. The Wellington Dam and Diamond Lake combo are two very worthwhile activities. Starting at Wellington Dam, this huge water source now boasts a phenomenal 800 square-metre mural that showcases local stories and photographs, including a picture of two locals playing at the Dam as children. There are some fantastic vantage points to witness the artwork from a bunch of angles. From here, the next step is to head to Diamond Lake and soak up the sun before dipping your toes in the pristine blue water.

Mundaring Weir

Continuing along with the notion of large water sources and dams, Mundaring Weir is a little closer to Perth and also has some seriously impressive walks to be had. When you are here you can enjoy some incredible views from the north side of the dam and if you are ok with heights, make your way across the 42 metre-high wall. After you finish up here, the next step is a visit to the iconic Mundaring Weir Hotel for a cold pint and a bowl of epic hot chips. 

So with all the above in mind, now really is the perfect time to get out and experience some of the best day trips in town while it’s only open for WA residents. As always, if you have a large group of people and your need transport options to get to and from the locations above, let’s chat! Our team of sales consultants can help you plan a custom itinerary.