Cashless Bus Ticketing System

Cashless bus rides have arrived. Login to top up your kid’s account or sign your school up today.

Our brand new Online Bus Ticketing System means you can track your kid’s school bus trips and top up their account in a matter of clicks.

In the age of PayPass and no minimum purchases on credit cards, cash is a thing of the past. You’ll be hard pressed to find many coin jars in households anymore because let’s be honest, it’s just easier to tap and go your morning coffee than fight through you car console in pursuit of those elusive gold coins.

If you are constantly fossicking around your house trying to find coins for your kid’s bus tickets, we’ve got your answers!

We wanted to make it easier for your kids to be able to pay for their bus rides by introducing a new Online Bus Ticketing System. This brand spanking new platform allows you access to your own portal where you can load up your kid’s tap and go card and track their journeys in real time.

  • Simple setup: simply set up an account and register using your first and last name, kids student ID and school.
  • Easy payment methods: add payment methods to load up your kid’s account and set recurring payments. 
  • Tracking: track usage and spend or add and remove children in real time.
  • Email notifications: if your account gets low you’ll be notified via email that it’s time to top up.
  • Easy access: linked to the bus drivers’ tablet is a scanner, your kid simply uses their Smart Rider, Mifare cards or mention their names and the ride cost will be deducted. It’s as easy as that!

When we do balances at the end of the month with our schools, it can be tricky business getting streamline reports on the number of kids boarding each bus. With the introduction of this new Online Ticketing System and thanks to digital scanning, we’ll be able to know straight away how many kids are boarding the bus. The best part? We can then work closely with your school to plan appropriate bus sizes for each school route.

Sign Your School Up Today

Like the sound of this system for your school? Chat to our sales today who can help you and your school set it up in no time.

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Got a question? No worries.

  • It’s really simple to sign up. All you need to do is contact us using the form above and we can chat. Once we get you logins, we’ll let you know and you can log in to see your account balances, add your kid’s details and you’re good to go.

  • Every transaction on the new Bus Ticketing System is backed by our trusted Payment Gateway partner. This means that all information is secured and encrypted. This gateway will also:

    • Ensure card details are correct and currently active
    • Ensure your card has sufficient funds
    • Securely retrieve the funds from your account
    • Facilitate any refunds or chargebacks if they occur
    • Provide email notifications when funds are deducted from your account
  • Every Horizons West bus or coach is equipped with a Samsung Smart-Tablet and scanner. This means that your child can simply scan on using their Smartrider which will link directly to their account. For those kids that forget their cards, you can also mention your name and the bus driver will look up the details and deduct the balance accordingly. It’s as simple as that.

  • You can use the login buttons on this page or enter the Online Bus Ticketing System here.

  • All information about how we store your personal data can be found on our Privacy Policy page.