Uncover Perth’s top Creative Classes & Workshops to Kickstart Your 2022

Uncover Perth’s top Creative Classes & Workshops to Kickstart Your 2022

Uncover Perth’s top Creative Classes & Workshops to Kickstart Your 2022 640 427 James Turner

For the most part, January presents a great opportunity to start enacting some of those new year’s resolutions. With that in mind, letting your creative juices fly might be on the list. If one of your resolutions was to get more crafty or creative in 2022, this list will help you get started. Throughout Perth, there is a heap of amazing creative workshops ranging from creating your own skincare range right the way through to learning to DJ! If you are also looking to get a group together and make a day of it with lunch and a few drinks thrown in for good measure, you’ll need to lock in a driver for the day. That’s where we can come in with a custom minibus hire complete with music and a driver for the day.

Clean Slate Skin School

Just outside of Fremantle is the Clean Slate School. These guys certainly know a thing or two about skincare routines and creating the perfect plant-based, small-batched concoctions. Clean Slate approaches everything with natural ingredients in mind, that are vegan and free from animal cruelty. Their workshops include a deep dive into the types of skin and what works for each, followed by opportunities to create your own personalised blend to suit your skin. You’ll walk away with 150g moisturiser, 2 lip balms, and a body scrub!

Lab Six DJ Session

Ok, so if 2022 includes a desire to learn how to make your own mixes and get acquainted with your musical side, then Lab Six DJ’s can help you achieve this goal. Bringing all the equipment to the table, you’ll have the chance to learn from some of Perth’s top DJs, and a lot of graduates actually continue on to DJ at events such as Pineapple Club or Banana Social! If you need to try before you buy, that’s also cool as you can take a private tour of the studio before signing up for the courses. 

Clay Making Lessons

Is pottery on the cards this year, look no further than the Clay Make Studio in Maylands! Perfect for beginners looking to try their luck at creating their very own set of cups, bowls, or vases, the introductory casual classes are a great option. Each class comes with a dedicated instructor, all your utensils and materials, and also some great demonstrations to get you started. Approaching this one with an open mind is key as you may find yourself starting to build a cup before it turns out to be an ‘abstract’ piece of ‘art’. 

Succulent Bowls & Floristry

For those that are on board with an obnoxiously large indoor plant collection, you might know that succulents are a super straightforward and low-risk investment thanks to minimal watering. The best bit is these guys can look awesome if combined in a big bowl. If you want to uncover how to arrange the perfect set of succulents, then House of Hobby is where you should be heading. Over a mimosa, you’ll learn what goes into the ultimate succulent arrangement then make your own to take home!


Continuing the floral theme, if you want to up the ante from succulents to other flora, Stackwood is an awesome place to start. Here you’ll have a range of short courses to pick from like plant parenting – which basically runs through how to care for your favourite indoor beauties. Other popular courses include permaculture, how to make a nested basket of indoor plants, or how to arrange the perfect seasonal bouquet. 

Yoga Class

Maybe 2022 includes some key goals around being more mindful and present in your everyday life. A gateway to achieving this one is yoga. For those new to the mat, a bunch of studios in Perth offer private or small group classes to introduce you to a number of sequences, flows, and movements. With experienced instructors, you’ll discover how best to move your body, how to make mini-adjustments to enhance a pose, and how to breathe with intention! If you are looking for a studio the team at Flow Space Yoga offers great intro offers. 

Toby Estate Coffee School 

2022 may be the year to elevate your at-home espresso game or learn a thing or two about different coffee brewing methods. If you are on the lookout to lock in a barista course, the guys at Toby Estate offer a super-comprehensive course that steps you through extraction methods, milk texturing, and a bunch of knowledge on beans from all around the globe. They’ll help you while you practise steaming milk in their simulated cafe complete with cutting-edge machines and all the fancy equipment. 

Soy Candle Making 

If you are looking to connect with aromatherapy or truly appreciate a great smelling candle, then trying your luck at creating your own is an awesome way to connect with your creative side this year. Bespoke Blends bring dedicated workshops covering all the ways to create customised scents. After the education session, you’ll then learn how to hand pour your own soy candle to take home with you.

Resin Art Workshop/ Tapas

Resin-inspired art is having a serious resurgence making its way into homes in the form of chopping boards, coasters, and a variety of cutlery. Resin art is all about creating hypnotic and fluid colours using a variety of intricate techniques. You’ll become an expert in no time thanks to the guys at Collective Obsessions in Bassendean. Packages include a 2-hour workshop, quality instructors, and drinks and snacks to keep you going.So, with all that said, getting a creative pursuit off the ground is as simple as getting in contact with one of the options above. You won’t regret it and may kickstart a passion you didn’t know existed! If you are doing the above with a large group, we can also help you with transport!