The Best of Bridgetown: All The Things to Do and See

best of bridgetown

The Best of Bridgetown: All The Things to Do and See

The Best of Bridgetown: All The Things to Do and See 640 480 James Turner

Nestled amongst beautiful tree lines and only a very palatable 2.5 hours out of Perth lies Bridgetown. A fun fact for those that may not know, Bridgetown is in fact the only heritage listed town in all of Western Australia and for those that have been, can certainly tell you why! Its quaint and preserved buildings offer the illusion of stepping back in time, especially with the additions of the old jail and small artisan shop fronts. If you are looking for a possible day trip or if down south is on the cards for 2022, we really recommend a detour through Bridgetown. 

Bridgetown Visitor Centre

Set inside a perfectly preserved building, the visitor centre is your best bet to commence proceedings. The friendly locals here will love a natter and can offer not only a huge list of things to do but more importantly local stories to add context. We recommend here also grabbing a few free maps of the local trails to help you along the way. 

Bridgetown Coffee & Main Street

Located on the main drag and tucked away between a great collection of unique homeware stores are two coffee shops for your caffeine hit. Getting your hands on an espresso or coffee of choice will be easy by dropping into The Barking Cow. The team here also specialise in some serious home-based authentic meals. The perfect country hospitality! Once caffeinated, the next step is a casual stroll down the main drag (South West Highway) to check out the other shops.

Bridgetown Hikes

Located a quick drive outside of Bridgetown lies the Bridgetown Jarrah Park which pays serious homage to the local fauna and flora with 4 walks to pick from ranging in difficulty. This is where those hiking maps will come in handy from the tourism board as reception out here can be a bit patchy. Each walk ranges from a casual 20-minute whip-around to 3 hours. Along the walk, you’ll see a heap of flowers such as orchids, wattles, yellow flags and more.

Bridgetown Artist Walk

Once you’ve walked off your lunch, head back into town and explore and appreciate all the many local artists! Bridgetown is actually full of a massive list of creative artists and they’ve come together to develop an ‘artist walk’ for those dropping in. Download a map of the art trail along with detailed information on each piece here. You’ll notice that each installation will link to the next so it’s pretty difficult to get lost.

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The Cidery Bridgetown

After all of this walking, it might be time for a much deserved afternoon beverage. The answer to this one is simply cider. The team at The Cidery make their ciders with 100% granny smith apples and you can enjoy a few pints inside their very visually appealing showroom and restaurant. Complete with crafted local wood including Jarrah, Marri etc and designed by local artists, you can also tuck into some local food too. 

Blues at Bridgetown

If you time your run right (generally around November) you’ll land yourself a special surprise where the locals at put on a serious show for Bridgetown Blues. This is an event that is gaining some serious momentum and is now a launching pad for up and coming blues talent and also returning artists. If you are keen to make this one, jump on their site to stay up to date with dates AND remember – book accommodation early, it completely sells out. 

Bridgetown Police Station Museum

Previously known as the ‘Old Gaol’, the now Bridgetown Police Station is open every Saturday from 10am-2pm for those to come along and gain a reenacted experience into what it was like to be a prisoner in the 1880s. This was the main lock-up for prisoners during this time and still has to this day preserved remains of the first courthouse. 

Bridgetown’s Ford House & Wag Walters Retreat

Finally, if you are in a position where you want to stay for a few days and have time up your sleeve, Ford House & Wag Walters Retreat is your calling! Located on a 5-acre property, complete with beautiful parkland and the Blackwood River – you can secure accommodation in rooms that have different themes and are completely unique! Its old town charm meets historical homestead! Also, while staying here you also MUST check out the unique homeware and gift store.

For a small town, Bridgetown sure packs a punch with a variety of activities, eating spots and unique artist walks to keep you busy. If you are also part of a larger party that is heading down south and looking to secure a dedicated driver, our team can organise transport of all shapes and sizes to accommodate. Chat to us today.