Aboard the Horizon’s Express!

Aboard the Horizon’s Express!

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Is there anything more thrilling than supporting your home team at the AFL Grand Final? Sitting in front of your TV surrounded by your family friends, away from all the action? While that may be fine for any other AFL game during the season, we think that it’s just not going to cut it for the Grand Final. Why would you want to stare at the screen when you can see your favourite players, live in the flesh? Especially if it’s our beloved mighty Dockers or Eagles fighting it out in the final who need the support of their WA fans to give them the strength to win that trophy.

Of course we know that any die hard Freo or West Coast fan would do anything see their favourites in the Grand Final, but it’s not always that simple. First you have to consider getting flights to Melbourne which suddenly triple in price for that time and usually sell out ridiculously quickly, making your dream of getting to the Grand Final almost impossible.

Luckily we have you covered! If either the Fremantle Dockers or West Coast Eagles make into the Grand Final, we will organise a fleet of our best buses to drive across the Nullarbor, all the way to Melbourne so you can be in the stands cheering on your favourite team.

This idea stared in 2013 where we took some of the most loyal Freo Dockers supporters all the way to Melbourne for their favourite team’s first appearance in the Grand Final. Not only was it a fantastic feeling being a part of this historical event but we all got to share some amazing laughs and fun times together with fellow Dockers fans, making some long lasting friendships along the way.

So have we got your attention yet? Since our terrific WA teams are currently first and second on the leader board, we have a really good chance of seeing one of our teams at the Final! If you’re excited about being in the crowd when history is being made, follow the link below to register your interest! And hopefully we’ll all be cruising on the way to see one of the WA greats in the Grand Final soon!

So don’t miss the bus! Make sure you register today!