Transform Your Summer: 10 Best Beaches In and Around Perth

scarborough beach

Transform Your Summer: 10 Best Beaches In and Around Perth

Transform Your Summer: 10 Best Beaches In and Around Perth 640 427 James Turner

Perth knows a thing or two about how to showcase some pretty special beaches. Blessed with an untouched coastline, endless sunsets, small coves and wide stretches of white sand – our beaches in Western Australia are amongst some of the best you’ll find across the globe. We know that is a pretty big statement, but those that have done their fair share of travel would agree. For the most part, the coast in Perth is never overcrowded, so there’s no need to secure a paid day bed – essentially, there is just plenty of coast to go round. To ensure you can immerse yourself in one of Perth’s best assets this summer, we thought we’d pull together the best beaches in and around Perth.

Scarborough Beach

Perfect for: people watching, surfers and young people

Starting the list off strong, Scarborough Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Perth (and for good reason). Lined with restaurants, bars and kiosks – Scorabrough Beach is perfect if you want to combine the beach with either lunch or dinner and drinks. Famous for the Night Markets, once sunset is finished, a variety of food trucks line up to keep the festivities going. This beach is also very popular with tourists, with a number of hostels and hotels to pick from. On the sand, this beach has been blessed with all key elements, including wide set sand stretches, surf, turquoise water and lifeguards to keep you swimming between the flags.

City Beach

Perfect for: sundowners, BBQ’s and families

City Beach is the crowning glory of Perth’s northern suburb beaches. It’s situated relatively close to the heart of Perth and has some of the whitest sand possible. This beach is perfect for an afternoon BBQ with wide open grass spaces that are elevated from the sand offering up some seriously impressive sunset viewing locations. BBQs are provided and if that is not your jam, Clancy’s Fish Bar is on deck to ensure you don’t go hungry. 

Trigg Beach

Perfect for: surfers 

Trigg Beach is a super popular beach with surfers, thanks to Trigg Point – a perfect surf break that produces some serious swell in the winter months. During summer, the break is a little more subdued, which means it’s also a great spot for a day in the sun. You’ll be well fueled by the famous Canteen Cafe just opposite the car park which produces some top quality fish, chips, drinks and coffee. Sometimes it’s a challenge to secure a car park here so you may be looking at parking in the surrounding streets, however, the beach is very much worth it! On the sand, it’s pretty special and we’d recommend swimming between the flags here as they are a few rocks around and rips can pick up once the breeze comes in!

Mullaloo Beach

Perfect for: long sand stretches, undisturbed turquoise water

A very underrated stretch of sand – Mullaloo is a big contender for Perth’s widest and whitest stretch of beach. On a good day when the breeze hasn’t set in and the tide is out, you can walk upwards of 100m off the coast and wade in the calm waters. Here, parking is also a little easier, you’ll comfortably find a spot for yourself away from the rest and in the evening sometimes you’ll see dogs off the lead. It’s a very suburban, family-orientated gem which we certainly rate.

Cottesloe Beach

Perfect for: tourists, day trippers

The iconic Cottesloe Beach seems to be the one that makes its way to the front of the Perth travel guides and is a very popular number with tourists. Thanks to the manmade rock structure, the beach is kept safe and calm most of the time. Furthermore, there is a famous landmark that floats just off the coast that people enjoy swimming out to. You’ll be able to find a spot on the amphitheatre-style grassed area too which is a nice change to the sand. Finally, if you time your run right, you’ll be able to experience Sculptures by the Sea – which brings together domestic and international artists who specialise in installations. 

South Beach

Perfect for: larger groups

Popular amongst south of the river Perthians – South Beach is you guessed it, slightly south of Fremantle. It’s a great stretch of sand with clear blue waters and a very even sand bar. You’ll be able to walk easily out with no issues. The best bit? It’s located close to our favourite Mexican restaurant in Perth called La Cubana. Check it out amongst other big hitters on our 48 guide to Fremantle.

Rottnest Island

Perfect for: day trippers, tourists and small private coves

Rottnest Island in our opinion presents the best beaches in close proximity to one another across Western Australia. This island truly has something for everyone – from famous snorkelling to quiet and cosy coves all the way up to busy stretches complete with beach bars. Only a short 45-minute ferry from the mainland, the best beaches to check out are certainly Little Salmon Bay, Parakeet Bay and Thomson Bay. If you are considering staying overnight, we highly recommend booking ahead of time because, in the summer months, this island is the place to be and is super popular with locals and visitors.

rottnest island

Mettams Pool

Perfect for: young families and snorkelling

If you are looking for a calming, safe and secure beach where the kids can run a mock, then Mettams Pool is your answer. Located just north of Trigg, Mettams Pool is protected from the wind and great for snorkelling. Hot tip? Get down here early to secure a spot. Due to the size of the small bay, it means the sand is a hot commodity. After you finish up, we also recommend a quick visit to Yelo for their famous banana bread. 

Port Beach

Perfect for: groups and families

Port Beach is the south side version of Scarborough beach, minus the surf. Located in North Fremantle, here you’ll be graced with a huge stretch of sand and very blue water. One hot tip about Port beach – when it gets hot there isn’t a lot of shade on offer so we recommend bringing along some umbrellas and sun protection. 

Coogee Beach and Omeo Wreck

Perfect for: snorkelling and diving

Rounding off the list strong is Coogee Beach which is also located south of the river. Here you’ll be graced with not only white sand but also the Omeo Wreck. This is Perth’s premium shortline shipwreck and can be explored by confident swimmers with a set of snorkels and flippers. Submerged 25m off the beach, you’ll be able to see the wildlife in its natural habitat, too. It’s very common to see schools of fish, small stingrays and the occasional dolphin swimming past. 

And there we have it, a fairly comprehensive display of Perth’s best beach assets. As always, if you were part of a larger group and had events close to or at one of the beaches above, we can assist in sorting out your transport. Chat to one of our sales team members today who can quote you up in no time.