10 of Western Australia’s Most Iconic Instagrammable locations

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10 of Western Australia’s Most Iconic Instagrammable locations

10 of Western Australia’s Most Iconic Instagrammable locations 640 427 James Turner

Western Australia is graced with some seriously impressive natural wonders. Each holds something super special, including contrasting blue waters against red rocks, natural gorges, and not to mention some of the best coral reefs on the planet. There really is picture perfect spots across our state that stretch as far as the deep south of WA all the way through to the Gibb River Road. An Instagrammers dream – our natural wonders certainly are untouched and uncrowded and will mean you’ll be able to secure the perfect shot without the hoards of tourists cramping your style. To help you plan your next shoot, we thought we’d put together a list of the top 10 most iconic locations across our state.

Horizontal Falls

Starting things off strong is Horizontal Falls. Located in the far north of Western Australia in the Kimberley Region – Horizontal Falls is a natural wonder where fast-moving tidal currents squeeze through two massive gorges forming 3 distinct lakes. Accessed via Cape Leveque, it’s possible to experience this natural phenomenon via sea or plane. Both will offer up some top-notch camera locations. You’ll be able to capture the experience first-hand as you traverse each lake. The contrast between the surrounding red gorges and the blue water creates a very exciting prospect for that Instagram feed!

Cape to Cape

Located between Augusta and Dunsborough, the Cape to Cape walk is a very popular multi-day hike that makes its way through spectacular bush lines and coastal lookouts. Some sections of the walk also take place straight on the beach. Offering up some of the best fauna and fauna in our state, the Cape to Cape walk will not disappoint in the photo opportunity department! Our favourite section is the path from Cape Naturaliste to Yallingup, which takes in some incredible ocean views!

Ningaloo Reef

Recognised as a very important reef structure and, more importantly, a key nesting ground for the green and loggerhead turtles – Ningaloo Reef is a very untouched area that hasn’t been overrun by tourists. While you are here, you can also even swim with the Whale Sharks, which will produce some of the best Instagram moments! We recommend for any Whale Shark tour, actually hire a photographer (there is plenty available) so you can truly immerse in the experience of swimming with one of the largest mammals on the planet. HOT TIP: time your run right between November and March, and you might be lucky enough to document the birth of baby turtles on the shoreline.

Karijini National Park

One of Western Australia’s prime locations – Karijini features some of the best waterholes, gorges, vast stretch red dirt roads and a quintessential ‘outback Australia’ feel. The dramatic views of and lookouts are seriously an Instagram dream, with breathtaking locations such as Oxer Lookout, where you can capture 100+ meter cliffs with clear pools. Resembling the ‘centre of the Earth’, Oxer lookout is our favourite. A close second is Fern Pool which is a swimming spot close to Fortesque Falls. We recommend a solid week in Karijini, and we guarantee you’ll spend time scraping your jaw off the floor in awe of the natural beauty. 

Rottnest Island

Located a quick 45-minute ferry off the coast of Perth is Rottnest Island, which is resident of not only the Quokka but some of the bluest waters in our state. There is a neverending list of small secluded bays perfect for you to capture the perfect shot. Some of our favourites include Little Parakeet Bay and Salmon Bay on the west coast. Start the day intense at the bakery before hiring a bike and exploring the island! Photos are plenty, especially with the local Quokka (hello, Roger Federer). But, please, respect the local residents as sometimes they are overwhelmed by the volume of tourists trying to snap the perfect shot. If you are looking for a full-blown itinerary for the day – you can check out ours.

Elephant Rocks

Elephant Rocks is a sheltered bay located very close to Greens Pool and a short 15kms from Denmark. Smack bang in the middle of the William Bay National Park – Green Pool offers a heap of ‘perfect picture’ moments thanks to the vast cracked oval boulders sitting proudly in the ocean. If you have a drone up your sleeve and send it up, you’ll be able to really understand the reference to Elephant Rocks, as the boulders form a neat line of rocks resembling a herd of elephants. 

Nature’s Window – Kalbarri

Already very popular with Instagram kids – Nature’s Window is an iconic rock formation that can be found along the 9km loop trail on the outskirts of Kalbarri. Sometimes attracting a bit of a line, this exceptional lookout offers a look into the surrounding gorges through a ‘window’ or gap in the rock. The rippled rock surrounding the gap was formed during ancient times by waves moving over the tidal flats. Hot tip with this – aim to arrive early before it’s too hot or choose to witness this prized location at sunset to capture some unique colours as the sun sets on the red rocks.

kalbarri natures window

The Bungle Bungles

Located within the Purnululu National Park, the World Heritage-listed Bungle Bungle range has been photographed for decades – and for a good reason! Giant rock domes rise quickly from the dusty Australian plain and resemble beehive-like formations. Perhaps one of Australia’s most surreal landscapes, this region resembles what it would look like to be on Mars. If you can afford a scenic flight, do it! If you are viewing this from the ground, we recommend getting your hands on a drone to truly capture the waved rocks. This one is our pick of the list for a remarkable Instagram moment for the prized feed. 

bungle bungles WA

Borenup Forest

Featuring towering karri trees above 60m in height, Borenup Forest is an Instagrammer delight. On most afternoons, it’s common to see sunlight streaming between the canopy and reflecting perfectly off the green shrubs below. Offering some perspective, the towering trees are only a 25-minute drive from Margaret River, and we recommend driving through Boranup Drive, where we guarantee you’ll be stopping for photos every 100m. Make sure you also check out Borenup Lookout, which takes in the sheer size of the forest and some peek-a-boo snippets of Hamelin Bay. 

Perth Beaches

Rounding off the list is a homegrown Perth favourite – our beaches! Offering up arguably some of the best coastlines in the world, some of our local beaches offer endless photo opportunities. On a good day, we recommend visiting Cottesloe and securing some drone photography before heading up the coast to secluded bays close to Sorrento. Wanting to know which beach to visit? Check out our guide to the top Perth beaches to help you plan your route.

As we can see, Western Australia is a vast state with a neverending list of Instagrammable spots. We really do have something for everyone, with gorges a plenty, top beaches and exceptional drone locations with minimal tourists. We know planning a trip for you and your friends to some of these locations can be tricky. We can help with our dedicated mini-buses and drivers. Chat with our sales team today.