At Your Service! What To Expect From Our Heavy Vehicle Repair Shop

Man fixing engine in a bus repair shop

At Your Service! What To Expect From Our Heavy Vehicle Repair Shop

At Your Service! What To Expect From Our Heavy Vehicle Repair Shop 600 400 James Turner

With an ever-expanding fleet, we know all too well how buses sometimes need support to keep them humming along in top-notch condition. We’ve also worked with a bunch of customers who have always wanted to know if they can drop in their buses or fleet to use our facilities. The short answer? Yes! Don’t get us wrong, the corner shop mechanic is crucial to repairing and servicing cars, but when it comes to heavy vehicles and buses, we have your back! Our purpose-built workshop and team of expert technicians can organise a variety of fixes and tune-ups to get your prized assets back on the road.

Our Heavy Vehicle & Bus Repair Services

We do all the things a classic mechanic does, but on a really large scale and for really large vehicles. Our key services include:

  • Comprehensive or scheduled vehicle servicing
  • Defect repairs and replacement of parts (this can include anything from breaks to suspension, tyres, batteries, electrics, oil filters, spark plugs, wheel alignments and air conditioning)
  • Engine replacements and transmission rebuilds
  • Vehicle diagnostics (this always depends on the make and model)
  • Annual HVAIS MR1 inspections

Horizon West Bus Service and Repair Shop

What To Expect From Our Heavy Vehicle & Bus Repair Services

Because we are also servicing our own buses, there are a bunch of advantages of using Horizons West. This includes:

  • Great low prices: we buy in bulk because generally, we’re also chasing a similar part for our vehicles. This means that prices are competitive and we pass this discounted price straight to our customers. 
  • Convenience: our sales team are all about service so can provide drop off and pick up so you don’t need to head out to our warehouse.
  • Team expertise: as one of Western Australia’s longest-running bus and coach company, our 30 years of experience means the team we’ve selected are both knowledgeable and dedicated to providing you with the very best.
  • Complimentary wash: as always, we want your vehicle to get back to you in better condition than when it arrived, so a free wash is on us!

How can you book into our Bus Repair facility?

It’s pretty simple really. We try our best to accommodate last-minute needs, especially if there have been some on-road incidents. So, buzz our sales team on 08 9351 8980 or alternatively, head to this page and drop us a line by filling out the enquiry form.

Authorised Service Repair License Number: MRB5844

Bus getting repaired in the horizons west service shop