7 Corporate Team Building Activities In Perth To Supercharge Your Employees

7 Corporate Team Building Activities In Perth To Supercharge Your Employees 700 464 James Turner

Let’s be honest, sometimes team building activities in the workplace can be slightly uncomfortable. If you don’t have all team players invested in the activity, you’ve more than likely lost them before your event even gets started. We all know those awkward moments where the instructor has asked for each team member to lean back and fall into a trust hug with other employees like below.

It’s so important to not choose activities that might violate people’s dignity, privacy, or personal space (like the outdated trust hug). Something you might enjoy with close friends isn’t always appropriate for the workplace. 

So, we thought it was time to get a list together of the top corporate team building activities in Perth that are set to energise your workforce, promote teamwork and above all – allow your employees to let their hair down and have some fun. Because after all, the best business is done outside the office! 

City Based Amazing Race

Perfect for: adventurous, hyper-competitive.

Just like the hit TV series Amazing Race, your employees can experience a variety of Perth sites, while they collect clues to lead them to each checkpoint. Challenges can include taking photos at various landmarks, trying local cuisine and finishing puzzles. The team at Beyond The Boardroom are the perfect guys to help you organise an amazing race that will certainly ignite your employee’s competitive streak while providing an enjoyable day out in the sun.

At Horizons West, we know how intricate an Amazing Race competition can be to organise, that’s why we are on board to help plan the transport. Contact us to arrange a time to chat.


Perfect for: the negotiators, teamwork.

Continuing with the hit TV vibe, a Survivor team building activity is based on your employees breaking into teams and adopting the Outwit, Outlast and Outplay strategies to complete a series of challenges and activities. Tribes are generally split into groups where each team will choose their team name and develop their own bandannas and chants.

With the ultimate goal to discover team immunity items and convince other members to join alliances, teams will build rafts, shelters and undertake puzzles to be crowned the winning team. A survivor challenge works best when you make the most of the Perth natural landscape, such as the beach or Swan River area.

Masterchef Challenges

Perfect for: the at-home chef and foodie aficionado.

If your team are legendary home cooks, then a Masterchef challenge is an eggcellent option for your next team building activity. Promoting serious teamwork, creativity, taste and presentation, each team will be tasked with a variety of challenges to complete. Teams will ultimately present a tasting board of the food they have cooked together to the judges. Some challenges can include:

  1. The 5 ingredients challenge – where each team is only given 5 ingredients to create a masterpiece in under 1 hour. 
  2. 30-minute dessert challenge – where each team is only given 30 minutes to complete a dessert (we’ve seen some teams get super creative with lava cakes made straight from the microwave).
  3. Mystery box challenge – this is where the judges will reveal what the teams will construct. 

The best part? You can even build your company values, team goals or conference theme into the judging criteria to ensure you can link the activities to the organisation (and get your budget approved)!

The team at Cheeky Food Events can help organise the kitchen space and ingredients.

Perth Hills Abseiling

Perfect for: adrenaline junkies and the great outdoors.

Nothing says ‘trust’ more than supporting your team members descent an overly large cliff face. Abseiling in the Perth hills will provide the perfect opportunity for employees to team up with someone they wouldn’t typically work with to encourage them to conquer their fears together. The team at Space Chameleon Adventures are your go-to guys, who have all the equipment and offer corporate team building packages that include:

  1. 15m Introduction to abseiling wall 
  2. 60m big wall at sunset with views of the city 
  3. 40m overhang in the dark with head torches for night city views.

Ohh, and they also have a great range of food that will be offered throughout the tour:

  1. Fresh hot gourmet pizza delivered 
  2. Freshly ground fair-trade french press coffee
  3. Raw homemade bliss balls
  4. A selection of juice and teas

Mini Olympics

Perfect for: competitive, team-based fun. 

Our personal favourite – the mini Olympics is an opportunity for your employees to work as a team as they compete in a variety of events. Each team will select a country to represent and will dress in their colours! Some events include:

  1. Tug of war
  2. Balloon volleyball
  3. Leederball and pass-ball (aiming to bring back some serious primary school athletics carnival nostalgia)
  4. Egg and spoon races
  5. Balloon between the knees race

You could even add in a Zorb Ball Soccer Competition for good measure!

Escape Rooms

Perfect for: lateral thinkers and escape artists. 

If you haven’t heard of the escape room yet, it’s basically voluntarily getting locked in a small room with others, with the mission to escape. Your employees will be allocated teams and given a bunch of clues to help them break free! Escape Rooms are scattered all around the Perth area but the team at Escape Hunt offer the best corporate team building packages going around town. Packages include: 

  1. 60-minute escape room experience (can upgrade to 2 games per person). You can also run multiple escape rooms to encourage friendly competition!
  2. Complimentary refreshments
  3. Winning team certificate
  4. A dress-up photoshoot

This is an epic team-building activity in Perth if you are strapped for time as it’s a simple 90 minutes!

Creative Art Classes

Perfect for: budding artists and creative industries. 

For the artistic types, another avenue of attack for team building is to all take a breather, sit back with a drink and mindfully take part in a painting class. The team at Cabernet & Canvas offer ‘Paint and Sip’ evenings where guests can learn a new painting technique with the help of some of Western Australia’s best vino. Letting your imagination flow might be the perfect injection of creativity that your business is hanging out for!

And there we have it. A seriously good list of options for your next team building activities. Say goodbye to the trust hugs and awkward team building activities in 2020. If you need help organising any transport to and from locations, drop us a line! We’ll be happy to help! 

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