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Buses for Sale in Perth

We are always looking for good homes for buses that we are selling. A bus is a perfect investment for travellers, set it up as a camper van and travel the country! Always have a mode of transport for your sports team or social club with a bus See below for details on the bus we have on sale in Perth now.

1972 Leyland Antlantean Double Decker Bus

70 Seater Reconditioned Motor including Injector Pumps, Injectors and Gear Box Suit Camper/Motor Home or Sports Club $35000 plus GST ONO Call Greg on: 0419 832 028


Q: Do I need to have a specific license to drive a bus?

A: Yes, you do. You will need to get an MR or HR license depending on the vehicle, and if you plan to carry fee paying customers, an F extension is required. Both can be obtained through the Department of Transport/Licensing and require a full medical.

Q: Are these buses road-worthy?

A: Yes of course! We wouldn’t sell buses that weren’t! However, just like cars, you will need to make sure you keep it registered and ensure it is roadworthy at all times in order to ensure safety on the road! Owning a bus is very much similar to owning a car, but a lot more fun! This will reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Q: Is there much maintenance required when owning a bus?

A: No, nothing out of the ordinary! Just like a car you will need to clean the inside and outside every now and again, but that is purely up to you!! Just bear in mind that it might take a bit longer as buses are rather large! Similarly, it is important to keep an eye on the tyres, oil and water etc to ensure the bus stays in tip top condition all year round. This will reduce the risk of breakdowns or the like.